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African Adventure Tour

sunset on an African Adventure Tour

Africa is filled with fun and above all great adventure especially with our Adventure Tours!.

The endless wilderness and ever-changing landscapes offer opportunities for all sorts of action and again adventure holidays.

Whatever your idea of adventure, truly of course Wild memories can help to find a perfect destinations for you.

*White-water *Rafting Sport Fishing

*Big-game Fishing * Sailing

*Kite Surfing *Wind Surfing

*Walking / Hiking * Climbing

*Hot-air Ballooning

Why not combine adventure and safari?

With our specialised team, you can combine an Adventure with a safari to specifically have the best African Adventure Tour.

From virunga national park or bwindi impenetrable national park to see gorilla families to climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth national park and in fact many more.

Visit the great game parks of Africa then enjoy some fishing, sailing and surfing on the coast, relax before you return home.

Book an African Adventure Tour with wildmemories to have the best of wildlife and also natural habitats in Ugandan national parks.

Bird Watching

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East-Africa is a birding paradise!.

Indeed with more than 1000 species that can be seen, a huge range of natural habitats and again endemic areas to explore.

Wild memories’ Bird-watching tours narrow the focus of your journey to concentrate on the birds and only the birds.

Using some of the most skilled and above all experienced birding guides in the region, you will expand your checklist.

Wild memories can help you to find – and in fact photograph – some of the rarest bird species in the region.

Whatever your bird-watching focus is, wild memories can certainly help to organize a trip that is tailored to your taste and requirements.

We offer specialized itineraries that focus on specific areas, species, habitats or families including:-

The Albertine Rift

Montaine Endemics

The Indian Ocean Coast

The pelagic birds of the Indian Ocean



Of course, you can combine your birdwatching with other elements of a great safari to create the perfect African Experience.

Just contact us for a perfect and most importantly memorable experience in this birding paradise

Gorilla Tours

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Gorilla Tours

East Africa is the Home Of Wild memories tours along with many primate species, in particular nocturnal and diurnal.
We offer specialist safaris that concentrate on the marvelous range of primate species found in East Africa especially mountain gorillas.
The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in addition to Virunga volcanoes are homes to the magnificent Mountain Gorilla.
Several family groups have been habituated to human visitors thus it is possible to arrange a trek of these magnificent creatures.
A permit is required to participate in these organised visits with the skilled teams from the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

However we can help to arrange everything as part of our commitment to bringing our customers All of Africa.

Why not take the opportunity to certainly see some of the other primate species in the surrounding areas on your wild memories gorilla tours.
These include:-

*Chimpanzee                          *Baboons
*Black & White Colobus       *Red Colobus
*Patas Monkey                       *Blue Monkey
*De Brazza’s Monkey            *L’Hoest’s Monkey
*Grey-cheeked Mangabey    *Golden Monkey
*Red-tailed Monkey.
Spend a whole day tracking Chimpanzees or Golden Monkeys deep in the forests or just enjoy a safari.

Ask your self this question before you come for your wild memories gorilla tours, “how many species of primate will i find?”.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris

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Hot Air Balloon Safaris Experience

Hot Air Balloon Safaris Experience is the best way to enjoy wilderness of East Africa in a new, and in fact a unique way.

Wake up early to catch the sunrise, especially as you silently fly over the plains of africa’s savannas.
Admire herds of buffaloes, elephants and above all enjoy the serene tranquility of the African bush not excluding water bodies.

You now have the opportunity to add an exciting hot air balloon ride to your safari specifically with wild memories tours.
The trip starts early at dawn with a flight that in fact takes short time depending on where you slept.
Rise as the sun rises and in particular float in whatever direction the winds of the morning takes you.
Fly high above the trees and hills to truly of course enjoy the best, for example Queen Elizabeth in Uganda.
With many great photo opportunities of the scenery and in particular wildlife below.

Landscape Tours

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Landscape Tours

Landscape Tours with wild memories will help you Explore spectacular and above all varied landscapes of Africa.
From the Tallest mountain in Africa – magnificent snow-capped Kilimanjaro – then to largest unbroken Caldera in the world – Ngorongoro Crater – lastly but not least source of the longest river –mighty Nile to list a few.

In fact Africa has landscapes and spectacles to offer for everyone such as.
For Instance visit snow-capped mountains on the equator,
Journey through dense tropical forests in particular, or
similarly visit the wide open plans of the interior.
Then explore the mangrove swamps of the Indian Ocean coastline.
Then visit the lush mountain valleys, lakes and waterfalls of Uganda.
Equally important explore the Great Rift Valley with its alkali lakes, geysers and explosion craters.
And finally Take a trip to the Mountains of the Moon in search of King Solomon’s Mines.

We can plan a journey through the landscapes of Africa to show you the wonderful variety of scenery and spectacle on offer to an African traveler.

Choose a trip or contact us for a tailor made safari for you.

Relaxation Tours

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Relaxation Tours

Whether it is relaxing under canvas on your Relaxation Tours  as the Wildebeest migrate slowly by, relaxing in the mists of the forests with Mountain Gorillas or simply relaxing on a tranquil white sandy beach on the Ocean, Wild Memories can help.

Let us take care of the details to leave you with more time to relax and enjoy your holiday. Simply tell us where you want to be and what your idea of relaxation is and we’ll take care of it for you.

Solitude – let us find somewhere far from the crowds.
Sandy Beaches – Let us take you to the Indian Ocean coast of east Africa.
Views – Sit and relax in the mountains or near to a Savannah waterhole.
Walking – Take a relaxing forest, Savannah or mountain walk with us.
Water – Enjoy a relaxing boat trip on one of the many lakes of Africa or the mighty Nile.
Wildlife – Let us find a spot where the wildlife comes to you.

Wildlife Tours

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Wildlife Tours

We can help you to see some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on the planet, when you choose our Wildlife Tours.

Whether it is searching for the Big Five in Tanzania, watching the Wildebeest during the great migration in Kenya or spending a few hours with Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, we can show you it all.
Our Big Five Safaris offer the chance to see the traditional Big Five species (Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard) in a compact any number of -day safari in a single country in East Africa or all of them.

Of course, a seven-day trip will give you time to relax, a chance to explore the culture and scenery of Africa and sightings of many more species than the Big Five alone.

Why not consider for example a seven-day trip to Northern Tanzania. Visit the Migrating Wildebeest in the Serengeti,

see the unique eco-system of the Ngorongoro Crater – The world’s largest unbroken caldera – and the forests of Lake Manyara.

Start and end your safari in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.
There are a variety of tours available choose and book any of them

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