Landscape Tours

Landscape Tours with wild memories will help you Explore spectacular and above all varied landscapes of Africa.
From the Tallest mountain in Africa – magnificent snow-capped Kilimanjaro – then to largest unbroken Caldera in the world – Ngorongoro Crater – lastly but not least source of the longest river –mighty Nile to list a few.

In fact Africa has landscapes and spectacles to offer for everyone such as.
For Instance visit snow-capped mountains on the equator,
Journey through dense tropical forests in particular, or
similarly visit the wide open plans of the interior.
Then explore the mangrove swamps of the Indian Ocean coastline.
Then visit the lush mountain valleys, lakes and waterfalls of Uganda.
Equally important explore the Great Rift Valley with its alkali lakes, geysers and explosion craters.
And finally Take a trip to the Mountains of the Moon in search of King Solomon’s Mines.

We can plan a journey through the landscapes of Africa to show you the wonderful variety of scenery and spectacle on offer to an African traveler.

Choose a trip or contact us for a tailor made safari for you.

5 Days Mountains of the Moon Hiking Adventure. The Rwenzori Mountains have long been dubbed the mountains of the moon. Calling to life the ethereal beauty of the snow-capped peaks rising, luminescent, in the moonlight. There is profound power in the verdant flora that sprouts from the base to the top of this mountain range.

Uganda offers tantalizing challenge to adventure enthusiasts. On this epic adventure you will hike to the summit crowned by one of the world’s largest caldera, at about 40 Square Kilometers and 4321 meters high. You will also hike to the magnificent Sipi Falls where winding trails lead past the intriguing communities and coffee villages. In

Mountain Rwenzori trekking safari and hiking adventure Uganda mountain 12 days tour, Rwenzori trekking to margherita peak. Explore crater lakes as you enjoy game viewing. You will have stop over at the equator for photographs before proceeding for afternoon game drive.