Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in the Western Uganda, spanning the districts of KaseseKamwengeRubirizi, and Rukungiri.

The park is approximately 400 kilometres by road south-west of Kampala, which is Uganda’s capital and largest city.

Queen Elizabeth National Park occupies an estimated 1,978 square kilometres, in fact extending north-east to Lake George to Lake Edward in the south-west and includes the Kazinga Channel connecting the two lakes.

It is a home to 95 mammal species and over 500 bird species and in particular  known for its wildlife.

These include African buffaloUgandan kobhippopotamusNile crocodileAfrican bush elephantAfrican leopardlion, and chimpanzee among others.
When British explorers  toured the area towards the end of last century, their report showed a great area depopulation due to  cattle raiding.

They similarly reported  that epidemics like smallpox and rinderpest also contributed to the great depopulation of the area.

Close to 100 species of mammals and about 606 types of birds dwell within Queen Elizabeth National park.

Among the birds are the: large schools of hippos, large forest hogs and the good-look Uganda kobs.

Mweya Peninsula  prides in a beautiful waterfront locale within the shadows of Mountain Rwenzori.

Ishasha Sector is however the isolated residence for  tree-climbing lions which is the best attraction in the park.

The Maramagambo forest is habitat to an attractive diversity of monkeys and  birds.

The  crater lakes hold thousands of the beautiful pink flamingoes, while the Kyambura Gorges is habitat to habituated Chimpanzees.
Activities: Savanah game drive, Ishasha, boat ride.

Chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzee trekking varies depending on where you choose to trek chimpanzees, although it ranges between $90-$600

Game Drive

A game drive costs usually vary in countries, however it includes riding through the open savanah or thick forests.

Fore example $40 per person as park entrance is the fee for non East African residents has to be paid before entering any park.
This is one of the most fascinating activities on a safari, you get to interact with unique wild life.
In this activity, cameras, and also binoculars cannot be put to rest.

Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking is at $600 , spending an hour with these interesting creatures

Other Trips