budget safari in Uganda

budget safari in Uganda

budget safari in Uganda

Budget Safari in Uganda in 2020

After our complete budget safari in Uganda, that started from Uganda-Rwanda border(Cyanika) and finally saw us cross through Malaba-kenya.

Moving in public transport, eating in local restaurants, doing couchsurfing and also sleeping in small local hotels! Yes this is the cheapest way to travel in the pearl of Africa.

We have been visiting mainly the south, central,northern and also east of Uganda, where in fact most of the tourist attractions can be traced.

The pearl of Africa! I can’t forget to mention that our favorite country in East Africa is Uganda!

Uganda is a super recommended and in fact complete country in Africa, also for backpackers and independent travellers.

Many cheap rooms in towns, public transport goes to all the main towns and it´s also cheap, most main roads are now tarred, local restaurants are cheap.

Uganda is truely beautiful and diverse, in the heart of Africa. Volcanoes, mountains, hills, lakes, savannahs and wildlife, vast plains, rural, true Africa… That´s why churchhill W  called it “the Pearl of Africa”.

Local people are very very friendly. You will feel it in case you make the right decision to travel to the pearl of Africa.

There are enough things to keep you busy, that is enjoying the landscapes, mountains, hills, lakes,rivers, culture, cities, and rural areas.

Even without doing activities (expensive and so do the national parks), you will leave Uganda wanting more.

Try walking around on your budget safari in Uganda!

Walking around is nice. And it is also possible to see wild animals for free on your nature walk.

Not too many tourists around, never crowded (some foreigners and a few expats), specially out of season.  

The tourist infrastructure is quite good.

Here we share some information, that can be useful if you are planning a budget safari in Uganda.

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