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Get a Ugandan Visa - A complete guide

Get a Ugandan Visa – A complete guide

The Pearl of Africa, is considered to be one of the top tourists’ destinations in Africa.  To visit “Get a Ugandan Visa” – A complete guide You may wish to visit this beautiful land, but first, know how to Get a Ugandan Visa- A complete guide. Visa information Visas are required by all nationals except nationals from

budget safari in Uganda

budget safari in Uganda

Budget Safari in Uganda in 2020 After our complete budget safari in Uganda, that started from Uganda-Rwanda border(Cyanika) and finally saw us cross through Malaba-kenya. Moving in public transport, eating in local restaurants, doing couchsurfing and also sleeping in small local hotels! Yes this is the cheapest way to travel in the pearl of Africa. We have been visiting mainly the south,

Sun set in uganda

When’s the Best Time of Year to Visit Uganda in 2021?

When’s the Best Time of Year to Visit Uganda in 2021? Travelers ask them selves when’s the best time of year to visit Uganda in 2021, when they are planning to visit Uganda. In this article we give a month by month description of the best time to visit Uganda, Including the best months, pros/cons, high/low seasons and the best/worst weather! just to list a few.


Batwa/Great Lakes Twa are one of the last groups of short people commonly known as pygmys/keepers of the Forest people. After gazetting bwindi as a National Park, they consequently could nolonger live in a hunter gather lifestyle in the forest. Batwa now some of the poorest people in the world as a result with a high infant mortality

individual tailor made safaris possible

Individual tailor-made safaris possible

With our “individual tailor made safaris possible” safaris, Driving around in the best 4WD Toyota Land Cruisers, with English/Spanish/Germany speaking Ugandan drivers and specifically quality guides.

facts about mountain gorillas

15 Strange questions and facts about mountain gorillas that you need to know in 2020

When you choose to go to Uganda for Gorilla trekking, we certainly recommend always to find out a few facts about mountain gorillas. Gorilla trekking is one of the best fascinating activities you cann’t afford to miss on your african safari. In this article, we highlight some of the questions and there answers/facts about mountain gorillas that every

our tours are available in budget

budget & luxury versioned Tours

All our tours are available in budget & luxury versions specifically with Gorilla permit guarantee

private Rwanda Kenya Tanzania DRC or Uganda Safaris

Get lost in the heart of Kenya, Rwanda,Tanzania,DRC & Uganda’s nature

There is a time and a place to monkey around in a private Rwanda Kenya Tanzania DRC or Uganda Safaris. Experience an awesome encounter with chimpanzees and endangered mountain gorillas. Discover the ever-changing views of the iconic East African savanna in particular, unbelievable migrations for example:. wild beast,live kills, stunning waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, picturesque villages,